Ep. 20: Surviving Death

Listen wherever you get podcasts: linktr.ee/jackofallgraves

This week we decided to give the Netflix documentary series Surviving Death a whirl. It did not go well. BUT it did make us want to know more about the science behind near-death experiences and what’s going on with our brains when we die.

[0:00] Mark explains the Schmidt Pain Index

[10:20] We can’t help but get into the Armie Hammer cannibal stuff

[19:15] We put bios on our website, we’re making a FB group, and we’ve scheduled our next JoAG Watch Along! Mark your calendars for February 6th to watch Evil Dead 2 with us on Discord!

[21:40] We talk about “Near-Death Experiences” and scientific theories of where consciousness is located

[66:05] Things we’ve watched this week and whether or not we recommend them.

Stuff We Referenced:

This Week in What-We-Watched:

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