Ep. 121: I am the law (w/ 2000AD’s Michael Molcher)

Click here to listen everywhere! We are super lucky this week to have 2000 AD brand manager and all around great guy Michael Molcher on the show to discuss his forthcoming book I Am The Law: How Judge Dredd Predicted Our Future, which looks at what the popular comic can tell us about modern policing.Continue reading “Ep. 121: I am the law (w/ 2000AD’s Michael Molcher)”

Ep. 120: Murder balloons and British spookies

Click here to listen everywhere! We’re chatting about another one of CoRri’s random fears: Hot air balloons! We also debate our strategies for surviving in a dystopia, we go in depth on some tropes we love and hate in movies we watched this week, and Mark tells CoRri about the cryptids she needs to watchContinue reading “Ep. 120: Murder balloons and British spookies”

Ep. 119: Poison!

Click here to listen everywhere! This week’s discussions range from people who have predicted the end of the world, to some bonkers poisoning incidents throughout the 20th century. The last one is… it’s wild, you guys. Highlights: [0:00] Marks tells CoRri about some failed doomsday prophecies and some upcoming ones[12:34] Mark looks into tattoo removal,Continue reading “Ep. 119: Poison!”

Ep. 118: Tossed salads and human hot pots

Click here to listen everywhere! We’re back! We’re taking it easy with a New Year’s ‘sode full of horrendous ways to die in a national park, surprise vomiting, and movie disagreements. Plus, we talk about what it means to us to be scared watching a movie, and what kinds of movies give us those heebieContinue reading “Ep. 118: Tossed salads and human hot pots”

Ep. 117: The year that happened

Click here to listen everywhere! We’re taking a look back at 2022, picking out our favorite movies and weird news stories of each month as we sail in to 2023! Highlights: [0:00] Opening song: Zombie Claus by Psychostick[0:30] We reflect on the year behind us and talk about some of our Christmas and NYE traditions[22:00]Continue reading “Ep. 117: The year that happened”

Ep. 116: Solved mysteries

Click here to listen everywhere! As we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season, we discuss the prevalence of Christmas-related deaths, what Avatar: The Way of Water can tell us about transmedia’s potential, and some historical murders and mysteries that have been solved! Highlights: [0:00] CoRri tells Mark why his probability of dyingContinue reading “Ep. 116: Solved mysteries”

Ep. 115: State of the dystopia

Click here to listen everywhere! We’re not usually a current events pod, but it’s been quite a week between the rapid shutdown of Britain’s major industries, Elon Musk’s continous spiral into fascism, and Mark’s march toward death (aka his birthday). So it’s time for a little State of the Dystopia chat! Highlights: [0:00] Mark tellsContinue reading “Ep. 115: State of the dystopia”

Ep. 114: Cousins’ kids and kidnappings

Click here to listen everywhere! We’re coming in hot with a discussion of one of society’s greatest taboos: Inbreeding! Plus, we share some cultural exchange, our watches this week cause us to think some deep thoughts about humanity, and we discuss a few cases of extremely long term kidnapping. Highlights: [0:00] CoRri explains the scienceContinue reading “Ep. 114: Cousins’ kids and kidnappings”

Ep. 113: Ball so hard (you die)

Click here to listen everywhere! This week Mark returns to his favorite topic: The brain! (The brain, the center of the chain!) And then on the advice of his son Owen, we talk about times that people have died on the field while playing sports. Or sport, if you’re British. Highlights: [0:00] Mark tells CoRriContinue reading “Ep. 113: Ball so hard (you die)”

Ep. 112: Lead heads

Click here to listen everywhere! We’ve got existential dread up to our ears this week! We talk about the ways in which lead may have destroyed generations of brains, climate and covid anxiety, stupid deaths, and the things that caused our nightmares growing up. Highlights: [0:00] CoRri explains the lead-crime hypothesis to Mark[24:49] We chatContinue reading “Ep. 112: Lead heads”