Ep. 10: Things to do when you’re dead

Link: https://jack-of-all-graves.castos.com/episodes/ep-10-things-to-do-when-you39re-dead


  • Corri talks to her big brother Zack about the supposed horror movie copycat killer Mark Branch and other bonkers stories from their hometown
  • Mark cops his first Twitter ban and Corri takes the opportunity to prank him
  • There’s a ghost in Corri’s living room
  • We play the horror game Little Nightmares on the Men of Low Moral Fiber podcast! Check it out! (www.menoflowmoralfiber.com)
  • We revisit some past stories that have come up in the news, including AI and deepfakes and our inability to trust our own eyes
  • Mark horrifies us with another delusion
  • We fixate on autocannibalism
  • We discuss alternatives to being buried…. after you die, of course.
  • Recs: Lincoln in the Bardo, Love and Monsters, The Mortuary Collection, His House, but NOT Bly Manor

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