Ep. 9: Candy panic

Link: https://jack-of-all-graves.castos.com/episodes/ep-10-things-to-do-when-you39re-dead

It’s Halloween week at last! That bittersweet time where the official spooky season comes to a close and all of us creeps have one last celebration before we slink back into the shadows. Thus, we wanted to send the season off with a bang: A visit to a medium, a hometown murder story, talking Evil Dead w/ a non-horror fan, and a look at some of the true stories behind tainted candy panics.


  • Mark visits a spiritualist church to see a medium in action 
  • We subjected Mark’s longtime friend Mia to Evil Dead (2013) and she tells us about the experience
  • Mia has an INCREDIBLE story about the soundtrack to Dead Calm
  • Corri tells the story of the Friday the 13th copycat killing in her hometown that nearly ruined Halloween
  • We stan Billy Zane
  • We discuss tainted candy panics and the lead-crime hypothesis

 Got a good Halloween story or epic Halloween plans? Think Corri and Mark are wrong about Michael Myers? Are you friends with Billy Zane? Hit us up on twitter @jackofallgraves! And don’t forget to drop us a review on Apple Podcasts or whever you listen!

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