Ep. 12: Out of the elevator, into the coffin

Link: https://jack-of-all-graves.castos.com/episodes/ep-12-out-of-the-elevator-into-the-coffin

As coronavirus drives us all back into quarantine, we’re going a liiiiiittle bonkers, which drives us to think about the near universal fear of being trapped. We also talk about insights into the serial killer mind, and we convince a horror-averse friend to watch Scream and talk about it. 


  • Corri talks about a guy who got stuck in an elevator for 41 hours
  • Being buried alive would be terrible
  • We learn that mice have a penchant for brains and it expains a nightmarish incident from Corri’s youth
  • Mark delves into quotes from murderers about the experience of killing
  • Lian Stutsman pops in to talk about her experience watching Scream in our ongoing series of horror n00bs watching the classics
  • We give a few recs and anti-recs

Ever had a cannibalistic pet? We want to hear about it! Talk to us @jackofallgraves on Twitter! Don’t forget to rate and review us, and tell your creepiest friend that they should listen!

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