Ep. 56: Don’t they know it’s the end of the world?

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Sometimes the quest for secret knowledge leads to some pretty bizarre beliefs. We’re delving into a few conspiracy theories and their larger consequences in the world.


[0:00] Mark tells CoRri about extra-sensory perception… but not that kind

[19:25] We get right into a little cultural exchange discussing the phrase “you’re welcome” and where we keep our household appliances.

[33:12] Thanks to our book clubbers, thanks to our Apple podcast reviewers! Buy the next book club book at Gibson’s Bookstore or your own local bookstore or get it from the library! Fuck Jeff Bezos!

[35:50] We discuss Mark’s new tattoo and why we keep going back to such a painful process

[45:55] It’s the weekly movie discussion segment!

[1hr] We get into a discussion about conspiracy theory, why people believe them, and a few specific ones that interest us

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