Ep. 29: We need to talk about Oscar

Click here to listen everywhere! Will the horrors never cease? From the horrors of internet illiteracy, to the horrors of invasive medical procedures, to the horrors of bad CGI, to the horrors of the artistic illegitimacy of horror — we’re just really working through a lot this week. Highlights: [0:00] We revisit Momo and talkContinue reading “Ep. 29: We need to talk about Oscar”

Ep. 15: Jed Shepherd is a real nice guy

It’s Mark’s birthday week, so, with a little help from their pal Jason Helms of the Men of Low Moral Fiber podcast, Corri surprises him with a visit from the co-writer of the horror sensation “Host,” Jed Shepherd! Big thanks to Jason for coming in at the last minute, and to Ben Helms for editingContinue reading “Ep. 15: Jed Shepherd is a real nice guy”