Ep. 29: We need to talk about Oscar

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Will the horrors never cease? From the horrors of internet illiteracy, to the horrors of invasive medical procedures, to the horrors of bad CGI, to the horrors of the artistic illegitimacy of horror — we’re just really working through a lot this week.


[0:00] We revisit Momo and talk about critical thinking and the internet

[13:40] Mark describes the horrifying experience of having an endoscopy and CoRri laments every day being exactly the same

[27:00] CoRri breaks down some movies she recommends, and we discuss our cosmic movie rut

[43:00] We pause our ranting for Mark to make a correction about Chuck Russell in the “Shit Mark Has Got Wrong” segment, which leads to a discussion of the proper use of CGI

[49:00] JoAG Watch-Along 4: The Hate Watch will take place Saturday, April 17th! Get your suggestions in on our FB, Twitter, or Instagram!

[51:35] We wonder why horror gets short shrift as a respectable genre

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