Ep. 24: Kids who kill

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It’s back to just Mark and CoRri this week, and that means it’s time for some good old fashioned JoAG therapy. In this episode, we discuss kids who murder, why their existence is so jarring, and how we punish them.

A note of apology for Mark’s audio in this episode, as Garageband swallowed CoRri’s recording and we had to use the Zoom audio.

[0:00] Facebook content moderation is the worst job on earth

[16:50] Mark has a Phone Booth fan theory, a listener friend created some amazing JoAG art, and Mark forgets we’ve never met

[23:20] We discuss some flicks we’ve caught lately since we were so enamored with Hollywood Steve, we left you without any recs last week, and CoRri talks about anti-rich guy movies from the ’90s.

[36:00] Is childhood sacred? Is that why it freaks us out when kids kill kids? And what should we do with kids who murder?

[1hr8min] Closing thoughts, shout outs, requests for input, and a reminder to drop us some stars and reviews!

Stuff We Referenced:

JoAG art by Anna Tomic!

Stuff We Watched:

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