Ep. 23 – Benign anarchy (w/ Steve Spratling!)

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This week we’re #blessed to be joined by Dead & Lovely’s Hollywood Steve Spratling as we discuss the infamous Max Headroom signal interference incident and other acts of what Mark has dubbed “benign anarchy.”

[0:00] The mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident is potentially solved in part by technology from the movie Frozen

[21:00] We talk about Steve, the Dead and Lovely podcast, and our takes on trashing bad movies

[31:45] CoRri gives the history of the Max Headroom character

[45:00] We talk the signal interference incident and what it would be like to experience it and other such events

[1hr9m] Dead and Lovely’s next episode will be about the incredible His House! And make sure you hit us up on social media with ideas for our next watch-along. The theme is remakes!

If anyone can identify the show in which John Madden turns into a Gargoyle, please let us know so we can help poor Steve

Check out the Dead and Lovely podcast for more Hollywood Steve, and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter!

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