Ep. 26 – Bodies

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While we don’t often shy away from the very dark, we’ve hesitated to talk about the topic of this week’s episode: searching out photos and videos of gruesome things. We discuss our experiences seeing violence and death online and try to dissect WHY we can’t help but look.


[0:00] Mark talks about a mysterious serial killer who may or may not be pushing people into the canals of Manchester

[9:20] CoRri grills mark about the definition of “pudding,” we announce our new JoAG t-shirt giveaway contest, and we remind everyone to join us for our next watch-along on March 13th!

[22:30] We talk about the movies we’ve watched lately and the podcast CoRri is addicted to, Paradise.

[40:15] We have a confession to make: We’ve seen a lot of dead bodies on the interwebz. We’re trying to understand why we can’t help but look.

Stuff we referenced:

Stuff we watched:

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