Ep. 27: Jack of All Watery Graves

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If you’ve listened to the theme tune to any of the first 25 episodes of JoAG, you know CoRri’s favorite genre of horror is spooky boats. But her fear of the ocean doesn’t end there and neither does Mark’s. In this episode, we delve into the many horrors lurking in and upon the deep blue sea.


[0:00] The Fermi Paradox has Mark feeling lonely and searching for alien life

[7:15] We get a plausible explanation for the Manchester drownings we attributed to a serial killer last week, talk about our current t-shirt contest, discuss our facebook poll for our upcoming watch-along, and chat about unhinged Zack Snyder fans.

[35:00] We get into all the things that terrify us about the ocean, from stepping on sea urchins and stingrays to ghost ships and goblin sharks.

[1hr15] We watched Mayhem and probably don’t recommend it, and Murder Among the Mormons and absolutely do. Plus, Mark gets inside CoRri’s theories about Rotten Tomatoes and movie accents.

Stuff we referenced:

Stuff we watched:

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