Ep. 28: How do you solve a problem like men?

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A big ol’ content warning on this episode as we begin with a frank discussion of sexual harassment and the tragic murder of Sarah Everard. If that’s a bit much, skip to 30 minutes in for some lighthearted discussion of the horror movies we’ve watched this week.

[0:00] CoRri recounts several instances of sexual harassment she’s faced in public spaces and asks Mark to reckon with his role in changing things for women

[30:40] We recap the third JoAG watch-along, talk about why The Blob is great, and wonder where the hell Chuck Russell went

[39:00] We take a dive into the horror movies we’ve watched this week

[46:30] We talk Ghost, the invisible orange, “rescue songs” for working out, and CoRri’s vaccine experience

Stuff we referenced:

Stuff we watched:

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