Ep. 40: The stinkhole moment

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As happens from time to time, we had a plan for where this episode was going, and then it happened very differently from that plan. So, this week, we have Mark’s big brother on the ‘cast to talk about sinkholes, movie demons, and his deep love for Hereditary. It’s a meander, but it’s a heartfelt one.


[0;00] CoRri unintentionally channels one of Mark’s most primal fears when she decides to tell him about sinkholes

[14:50] Mark’s brother Alan is here!

[21:45] We talk about the next watch-along happening on June 19th on our Discord!

[23:30] A strange crossover jersey confuses us, and we discuss Andy Muschietti’s Michael Keaton instagram drop.

[32:50] We go through what we watched this week IN DEPTH, including why we hated the new Saw movie

[54:20] The Conjuring 3 gets us talking about demons in movies, and Alan gives a beautiful and impassioned defense of Hereditary which fails to move CoRri’s cold heart

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