Ep. 41: Cursed Films

Click here to listen everywhere! Whether it’s fires on sets, cast member deaths, or IRA bombs, some movies just seem to draw catastrophe. Some people would even say they’re cursed. I mean, we wouldn’t, but some people would. Let’s chat about them. Highlights: [0:00] Mark tells CoRri about some nightmarish types of cysts [14:02] MarkContinue reading “Ep. 41: Cursed Films”

Ep. 40: The stinkhole moment

Click here to watch everywhere! As happens from time to time, we had a plan for where this episode was going, and then it happened very differently from that plan. So, this week, we have Mark’s big brother on the ‘cast to talk about sinkholes, movie demons, and his deep love for Hereditary. It’s aContinue reading “Ep. 40: The stinkhole moment”

Ep. 22: Mack of All Graves

Click here to listen everywhere! We’ve gotten pretty dark lately. This week we’re talking about things we love. Mack Petersen of the Morphenomenal Podcast joins us to talk Power Rangers, Psycho Goreman, and the brilliance of Evil Dead 2. Nothing too deep. Just geeking out, man. [0:00] Mark asks the age old quarantine question: HowContinue reading “Ep. 22: Mack of All Graves”