Ep. 43 : Horror is the fear vaccine

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CoRri’s been thinking lately about what fear is, and why some things break through the fear callous we’ve built up over the years and send us running to pull the covers over our heads, so we discuss our biggest fears and what our brains are doing when they hit us.


[0:00] Mark discusses the inhospitable, deadly landscape of Australia and does some VERY aggressive Australian accent work

[14:27] Mark is super into Alita: Battle Angel and CoRri learns the word “nonce”

[20:40] We’re heading towards one year of JoAG and want suggestions for what we should do to celebrate. We also want suggestions for vampire movies for our next watch-along! Plus, we have another leech cock story

[27:20] It’s the weekly segment where we chat about what horror movies we watched. Also, we debate whether Michael Myers should have killed a baby

[37:09] Mark insists I time stamp his Elm Street rant, so here’s his time stamp

[41:50] Back to the movies we’ve watched!

[54:52] We talk about what fear is, what scares us, how that applies to movies we watch and books we read, and how horror movies vaccinate us against fear

Stuff we referenced:

Stuff we watched:

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