Ep. 44: Mid-Week Movie Madness Special

Click here to listen everywhere! Somehow Mark got it into his head that we could do a 10-15 minute mini-sode in which we discussed the movies we watched this week, but you’ve all listened to this podcast, so it’ll come as no surprise to you that we spent an hour on it. Highlights: [0:00] WeContinue reading “Ep. 44: Mid-Week Movie Madness Special”

Ep. 43 : Horror is the fear vaccine

Click here to listen everywhere! CoRri’s been thinking lately about what fear is, and why some things break through the fear callous we’ve built up over the years and send us running to pull the covers over our heads, so we discuss our biggest fears and what our brains are doing when they hit us.Continue reading “Ep. 43 : Horror is the fear vaccine”