Ep. 52: The JoAGiversary

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Mark is drunk. CoRri is tired. This is our one year anniversary ramble about vacations, movies, why the world is a giant mess, and why we still need each other and the JoAg fam.


[0:00] The wild disarticulated feet of British Columbia

[18:25] Mark pops some champagne to celebrate one year of JoAG

[23:00] We discuss our respective trips to Knoxvillle, TN and the Isle of Wight

[36:20] We get into what we’ve watched this week

[1hr3] Mark has a book rec, we have a book club, and our next watch-along is Saturday!

[1hr7] We reflect on the state of our world and why we still need JoAG

Stuff we referenced:

Stuff we watched:

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