Ep. 48: The EXvangelicals

Click here to listen everywhere! Mark’s on a camping trip, so the inimitable Kristin Latourelle joins Corrigan to discuss their shared evangelical past and the very, very thin — possibly non-existent — line between mainstream Christianity and a cult. It’s a long one, so, y’know, use the time stamps. Highlights: [0:00] CoRri tells Kristin theContinue reading “Ep. 48: The EXvangelicals”

Ep. 47: Torture

Click here to listen everywhere! This week we’re diving into torture, whether state sanctioned or the work of criminal elements like cartels and serial killers. Highlights: [0:00] CoRri talks about the tragic and terrifying Lake Nyos disaster [16:40] Mark issues and episode content warning for descriptions of torture, we re-introduce our wonderful guest, Hollywood SteveContinue reading “Ep. 47: Torture”

Ep. 46: Sick, sad world

Click here to listen everywhere! This week we’ve been sending news headlines back and forth to each other, so we thought we’d share some of the world’s weirdness with you. Highlights: [0:00] Mark loves Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark [11:00] A listener witnessed someone actually getting stuck in quicksand! [18:00] We remind everyone we’re watchingContinue reading “Ep. 46: Sick, sad world”

Ep. 23 – Benign anarchy (w/ Steve Spratling!)

Click here to listen everywhere! This week we’re #blessed to be joined by Dead & Lovely’s Hollywood Steve Spratling as we discuss the infamous Max Headroom signal interference incident and other acts of what Mark has dubbed “benign anarchy.” [0:00] The mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident is potentially solved in part by technology fromContinue reading “Ep. 23 – Benign anarchy (w/ Steve Spratling!)”

Ep. 22: Mack of All Graves

Click here to listen everywhere! We’ve gotten pretty dark lately. This week we’re talking about things we love. Mack Petersen of the Morphenomenal Podcast joins us to talk Power Rangers, Psycho Goreman, and the brilliance of Evil Dead 2. Nothing too deep. Just geeking out, man. [0:00] Mark asks the age old quarantine question: HowContinue reading “Ep. 22: Mack of All Graves”

Ep. 1: Mark sees a tokoloshe

It’s Jack of All Graves! A podcast where two very different folks from two different countries bond over our shared love of all things spooky, murdery, bloody, ghosty, and in any way horrific! In our first episode, get to know who we are, how we fell in love with the macabre, and what horror thingsContinue reading “Ep. 1: Mark sees a tokoloshe”