Ep. 107: Games that go bump in the night

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This week we have the absolute pleasure of having Chris Porritt from the Helix Cloud Games network of podcasts with us to talk about the world of horror games and why they’re such fertile ground for innovation.


[0:00] Mark tells the story of a man and his unlicensed zoo
[16:49] We introduce our guest Chris Porritt, what tf cloud gaming is, and why Google is so good at killing stuff
[40:44] We announce our MCM Comic-Con Birmingham panel and other such JoAG business! Get your ticket and come see us do our first live appearance on Saturday, November 12th, 2022 at 3:10pm on the Live Stage!
[48:00] We talk about Deadstream and some of the movies that scarred Chris
[58:50] We discuss horror games!

Stuff we referenced:

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