Ep. 139: Evangelicalism vs. the world

The release of the new Duggar family docuseries on Amazon has Americans talking about fundamentalism. We think the conversation needs to go further. Can evangelicalism be anything other than an ill in society? Let’s talk about it. Highlights: [0:00] Mark tells CoRri why were never fully safe from radiation[16:03] We have a new Ko-Fi episode,Continue reading “Ep. 139: Evangelicalism vs. the world”

Ep. 138: Kidney for sale

Click here to listen everywhere! Thinking about urban legends got CoRri wondering about whether there are real life black markets for your internal organs and whether they look like waking up in a bathtub full of ice or something entirely different. Come find out. Highlights: [0:00] CoRri tells Mark about Oklahoma girl scout murders[24:35] CoRriContinue reading “Ep. 138: Kidney for sale”

Ep. 137: The AIpocalypse

Click here to listen everywhere! We’ve been keeping our eye on AI since the start of this ‘cast, and now it seems like shit is hitting the fan pretty rapidly. This week we chat about whether AI dystopia is upon us, and if it is, what the fuck we do next. Highlights: [0:00] Marks tellsContinue reading “Ep. 137: The AIpocalypse”

Ep. 136: Frivolous killing

Click here to listen everywhere! It seems like every week there’s another story in the news of someone murdering someone else over something really fucking dumb. We explore some of these instances and try to figure out the mindset behind these murderous temper tantrums. Highlights: [0:00] CoRri tells Mark the true story behind the mythContinue reading “Ep. 136: Frivolous killing”

Ep. 135: Celebrity death stories

Click here to listen everywhere! What is it about celebrity death stories that fascinate us so deeply? We try to work it out while discussing a few that have lodged themselves in our minds. Highlights: [0:00] Mark tells CoRri about the Hinterkaifeck Killings[14:45] An update on the weekend’s coronation festivities[25:00] We need a theme forContinue reading “Ep. 135: Celebrity death stories”

Ep. 135: Definitely not a coronation special

Click here to listen everywhere! Totally unrelated to any current events, we’re chatting about some royal tragedies, dumb royal deaths, and an important royalty-related phrase to learn in many languages. Highlight: [0:00] CoRri tells Mark the story of Prince John, the Lost Prince of the United Kingdom[14:22] CoRri’s return from the UK was met withContinue reading “Ep. 135: Definitely not a coronation special”

Ep. 131: [Travel edition!] Self-sacrifice

Click here to listen everywhere! This week’s travel edition of Jack of All Graves includes reflections on a Jack the Ripper tour, as well a trip to a memorial to heroic self-sacrifice in a tiny London Park, which has us thinking: Is there anything we would die for? Highlights: [0:00] Some key takeaways from aContinue reading “Ep. 131: [Travel edition!] Self-sacrifice”

Ep. 129: Parasocial pals

Click here to listen everywhere! This week we’re diving into the parasocial relationships we all have with the public figures we love… and times that those parasocial relationships have gone way too far. Highlights: [0:00] Mark tells CoRri about the most painful conditions in the world[26:21] We recap an amazing book club, there’s a newContinue reading “Ep. 129: Parasocial pals”

Ep. 125: Raptor pharaoh and other conspiracy fun

Click here to listen everywhere! While we’re no fans of baseless conspiracy theory and the often bigoted undertones, this week we’re discussing a few conspiracy theories it’s actually kind of fun to believe in. They’re not true, of course, but they’re fun. Highlights: [0:00] Mark tells CoRri about the horrific death of Katarzyna Zowada[16:10] WeContinue reading “Ep. 125: Raptor pharaoh and other conspiracy fun”

Ep. 124: Existential space dread

Click here to listen everywhere! Space is terrifying and yet somehow incredibly alluring. This week we’re talking about some of the things that intrigue us and frighten us to our very souls about the INFINITE. Highlights: [0:00] CoRri tells Mark about the unsettling phenomenon of “phrogging.”[29:56] We catch up on our weeks and breaking newsContinue reading “Ep. 124: Existential space dread”