Ep. 29: We need to talk about Oscar

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Will the horrors never cease? From the horrors of internet illiteracy, to the horrors of invasive medical procedures, to the horrors of bad CGI, to the horrors of the artistic illegitimacy of horror — we’re just really working through a lot this week.


[0:00] We revisit Momo and talk about critical thinking and the internet

[13:40] Mark describes the horrifying experience of having an endoscopy and CoRri laments every day being exactly the same

[27:00] CoRri breaks down some movies she recommends, and we discuss our cosmic movie rut

[43:00] We pause our ranting for Mark to make a correction about Chuck Russell in the “Shit Mark Has Got Wrong” segment, which leads to a discussion of the proper use of CGI

[49:00] JoAG Watch-Along 4: The Hate Watch will take place Saturday, April 17th! Get your suggestions in on our FB, Twitter, or Instagram!

[51:35] We wonder why horror gets short shrift as a respectable genre

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Ep. 28: How do you solve a problem like men?

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A big ol’ content warning on this episode as we begin with a frank discussion of sexual harassment and the tragic murder of Sarah Everard. If that’s a bit much, skip to 30 minutes in for some lighthearted discussion of the horror movies we’ve watched this week.

[0:00] CoRri recounts several instances of sexual harassment she’s faced in public spaces and asks Mark to reckon with his role in changing things for women

[30:40] We recap the third JoAG watch-along, talk about why The Blob is great, and wonder where the hell Chuck Russell went

[39:00] We take a dive into the horror movies we’ve watched this week

[46:30] We talk Ghost, the invisible orange, “rescue songs” for working out, and CoRri’s vaccine experience

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Ep. 27: Jack of All Watery Graves

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If you’ve listened to the theme tune to any of the first 25 episodes of JoAG, you know CoRri’s favorite genre of horror is spooky boats. But her fear of the ocean doesn’t end there and neither does Mark’s. In this episode, we delve into the many horrors lurking in and upon the deep blue sea.


[0:00] The Fermi Paradox has Mark feeling lonely and searching for alien life

[7:15] We get a plausible explanation for the Manchester drownings we attributed to a serial killer last week, talk about our current t-shirt contest, discuss our facebook poll for our upcoming watch-along, and chat about unhinged Zack Snyder fans.

[35:00] We get into all the things that terrify us about the ocean, from stepping on sea urchins and stingrays to ghost ships and goblin sharks.

[1hr15] We watched Mayhem and probably don’t recommend it, and Murder Among the Mormons and absolutely do. Plus, Mark gets inside CoRri’s theories about Rotten Tomatoes and movie accents.

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Ep. 26 – Bodies

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While we don’t often shy away from the very dark, we’ve hesitated to talk about the topic of this week’s episode: searching out photos and videos of gruesome things. We discuss our experiences seeing violence and death online and try to dissect WHY we can’t help but look.


[0:00] Mark talks about a mysterious serial killer who may or may not be pushing people into the canals of Manchester

[9:20] CoRri grills mark about the definition of “pudding,” we announce our new JoAG t-shirt giveaway contest, and we remind everyone to join us for our next watch-along on March 13th!

[22:30] We talk about the movies we’ve watched lately and the podcast CoRri is addicted to, Paradise.

[40:15] We have a confession to make: We’ve seen a lot of dead bodies on the interwebz. We’re trying to understand why we can’t help but look.

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Ep. 25 – I like my comedy like I like Mark’s soul

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This week CoRri explains to Mark how listening to Christian megastar Carman was a straight line to QAnon, we ponder whether there’s such thing as “going too far” with art, and we question why the dark is sometimes super effing funny.


[0:00] Evangelical megastar Carman has died and CoRri has some thoughts.

[19:29] We get off to a bumpy start, and announce our next watch-along date: March 13th! Hit us up on Twitter/Insta/Facebook to suggest and vote on a remake we’ll all watch together over Discord!

[26:45] We love Kevin Smith, but like, what’s his deal right now?

[31:46] We talk about dark comedy, whether there’s such thing as “going too far,” and what pushes something from funny to too dark and damaged to funny again.

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Ep. 24: Kids who kill

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It’s back to just Mark and CoRri this week, and that means it’s time for some good old fashioned JoAG therapy. In this episode, we discuss kids who murder, why their existence is so jarring, and how we punish them.

A note of apology for Mark’s audio in this episode, as Garageband swallowed CoRri’s recording and we had to use the Zoom audio.

[0:00] Facebook content moderation is the worst job on earth

[16:50] Mark has a Phone Booth fan theory, a listener friend created some amazing JoAG art, and Mark forgets we’ve never met

[23:20] We discuss some flicks we’ve caught lately since we were so enamored with Hollywood Steve, we left you without any recs last week, and CoRri talks about anti-rich guy movies from the ’90s.

[36:00] Is childhood sacred? Is that why it freaks us out when kids kill kids? And what should we do with kids who murder?

[1hr8min] Closing thoughts, shout outs, requests for input, and a reminder to drop us some stars and reviews!

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JoAG art by Anna Tomic!

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Ep. 23 – Benign anarchy (w/ Steve Spratling!)

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This week we’re #blessed to be joined by Dead & Lovely’s Hollywood Steve Spratling as we discuss the infamous Max Headroom signal interference incident and other acts of what Mark has dubbed “benign anarchy.”

[0:00] The mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident is potentially solved in part by technology from the movie Frozen

[21:00] We talk about Steve, the Dead and Lovely podcast, and our takes on trashing bad movies

[31:45] CoRri gives the history of the Max Headroom character

[45:00] We talk the signal interference incident and what it would be like to experience it and other such events

[1hr9m] Dead and Lovely’s next episode will be about the incredible His House! And make sure you hit us up on social media with ideas for our next watch-along. The theme is remakes!

If anyone can identify the show in which John Madden turns into a Gargoyle, please let us know so we can help poor Steve

Check out the Dead and Lovely podcast for more Hollywood Steve, and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter!

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Ep. 22: Mack of All Graves

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We’ve gotten pretty dark lately. This week we’re talking about things we love. Mack Petersen of the Morphenomenal Podcast joins us to talk Power Rangers, Psycho Goreman, and the brilliance of Evil Dead 2. Nothing too deep. Just geeking out, man.

[0:00] Mark asks the age old quarantine question: How many of your neighbors have their dead family members in their freezers?

[9:00] What is adult Power Rangers fandom in 2021?

[23:00] Psycho Goreman is the perfect love letter to ’90s Canadian horror shows for kids, Power Rangers, and INSANE gore.

[33:30] Movie trailers tell us way too much.

[39:00] Mack and Mark fanboy out over Evil Dead 2, which we’ll be watching together this Saturday on Discord! Join up! https://discord.com/invite/HuBTacyn5Y

[53:00] Mark shows Mack his Evil Dead 2 set memorabilia

Check out the Morphenomenal Podcast for more Mack in your life!

Ep. 21: Your asshole brain and you

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Our brains are our besties, regulating every thought we experience and function we perform, but they betray us in the harshest of ways. In this episode, we’re chatting about compulsions, addictions, disorders, and other cruel tricks of the mind. We’re really revealing ourselves in this one, so settle in, folks. It’s JoAG therapy.

[0:00] CoRri tells Mark about the 17th century bestiality panic in Colonial America

[12:50] The seeming endlessness of the covidtimes is driving us to insanity. Meanwhile, listeners in our facebook group are trying to find a collective name to call themselves. Join them! https://www.facebook.com/groups/jackofallgraves

And don’t forget to join us for Evil Dead 2 on our Discord on February 6th!

[22:20] We talk about compulsions — intrusive thoughts, anxieties, eating disorders, hoarding

[63:50] We talk movie recs, “loopcore,” James Badge Dale, and the videogame CoRri is obsessed with right now, Spiritfarer.

Stuff We Referenced:

The Case of the Piglet’s Paternity: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2015/09/new-haven-colony-bestiality-trial-the-twisted-puritan-origins-of-our-modern-justice-system.html 

The Curious Case of Thomas Hogg: https://www.theawl.com/2017/08/the-curious-case-of-thomas-hogg/ 

“Puritan Sex: The Surprising History of Puritans and Sexual Practices,” Dig: A History Podcast: https://digpodcast.org/2017/09/10/puritans-sex/ 

Chinese piglet born with one eye and a ‘penis’ on its head: https://expressdigest.com/chinese-piglet-born-with-one-eye-and-a-penis-on-its-head/

Stuff We Watched(/Played):

Mark’s Evil Dead 2 Cabin Artefact Unboxing

With his trademark enthusiasm and profanity, Mark unboxes actual bits of the cabin from Evil Dead 2 salvaged by an Evil Dead superfan in the U.S.

Join our Discord server and watch the movie with us on February 6, 2021! (Noon PDT, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT): https://discord.gg/HuBTacyn5Y