Ep. 22: Mack of All Graves

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We’ve gotten pretty dark lately. This week we’re talking about things we love. Mack Petersen of the Morphenomenal Podcast joins us to talk Power Rangers, Psycho Goreman, and the brilliance of Evil Dead 2. Nothing too deep. Just geeking out, man.

[0:00] Mark asks the age old quarantine question: How many of your neighbors have their dead family members in their freezers?

[9:00] What is adult Power Rangers fandom in 2021?

[23:00] Psycho Goreman is the perfect love letter to ’90s Canadian horror shows for kids, Power Rangers, and INSANE gore.

[33:30] Movie trailers tell us way too much.

[39:00] Mack and Mark fanboy out over Evil Dead 2, which we’ll be watching together this Saturday on Discord! Join up! https://discord.com/invite/HuBTacyn5Y

[53:00] Mark shows Mack his Evil Dead 2 set memorabilia

Check out the Morphenomenal Podcast for more Mack in your life!

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