Ep. 64: The boffin

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The time has finally arrived for us to ask JoAG’s resident boffin, Eileen Marks-Nelson, some of our listeners’ weirdest science questions! If you’ve ever wondered how vampires get it up, or how long you’re alive after decapitation, or whether it’s possible there’s a branch of human evolution that turned into merpeople, you’re in the right place!


[0:00] CoRri tells Mark about the infamous Australian “shark arm case.” Thanks to Jason Chodera for the tip!

[16:55] We briefly discuss some weird and probably not real legal loopholes to keep out of trouble, and Mark is unimpressed by the concept of the pot luck.

[27:00] We talk about what we watched this week

[52:50] Brief One Night in Soho spoiler

[54:30] Spoilers over! We discuss how supernatural horror movies are too often ruined by twist endings

[1hr4min] We bring Eileen on to answer our “science” questions

Stuff we referenced:

Stuff we watched:

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