Ep. 65: Steve’s vast deferens

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In an epic Jack of All Graves/Dead and Lovely crossover event, Hollywood Steve is here to talk with us about his reproductive organs! Make sure you check out Dead & Lovely episode #242 to hear the three of us talk about the cannibal horror western “Ravenous.”


[0:00] Mark tells CoRri and Steve the story of Jean Hilliard, the woman who froze solid and lived to talk about it

[14:00] We introduce Hollywood Steve and get going with some cultural exchange as we discuss eating habits in the UK, the American South, and on the U.S. coasts.

[36:00] Onto what we’ve watched! We also chat about our lockdown lives and trauma.

[59:00] We talk about Steve’s massive vas deferens and why it caused his doctor some deep psychological scars during his vasectomy.

[1hr14min] We briefly talk about some ridiculous historical birth control methods and bad vasectomies

Stuff we referenced:

  • Dead and Lovely links! (Their original Ravenous episode is #139)

Stuff we watched:

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