Ep. 84: Fucked around. Found out.

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Last week Mark boldly declared his immunity to covid. You’ll never guess what happened next! In this episode, we talk about some other people whose decisions caught up to them, but with fatal results.


[0:00] Mark just found out that American scientists have done a lot of terrible and unethical experiments on marginalized people, especially radiation-related ones.

[16:00] After last week’s stunning declaration that he was immune to covid, Mark has covid.

[21:30] Some announcements! We’re on Dead & Lovely, Mark’s in a movie he’s gonna watch on our Discord, we’ve got a watch-along coming

[37:19] In honor of Mark’s own hubris, CoRri tells him about some people who fucked around and found out

[52:20] What we watched!

[60:00] X Spoilers! We finally talk about X! Turn it off till you see the movie!

Stuff we referenced:

Stuff we watched:

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