Ep. 105: Murphy’s law

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Oh boy. Right before recording this episode, our dear scheduled guest had an emergency and had to cancel, so… um… we talked about everything from bird migration to the genius of She-Hulk to what the Dahmer Netflix series can tell us about the true crime landscape.


[0:00] Mark introduces CoRri to three minor deities, with one catch… one of them he made up. Can she guess which?
[10:50] We have a little JoAG therapy sesh about why we’re both feeling a little off at the moment. Plus, our next watch-along is October 8th!
[24:30] We discuss the autumnal equinox and CoRri has a revelation about birds, which leads Mark to tell her about the Jews of Aberystwyth
[36:00] We deep dive into the Netflix Dahmer series and what it does differently from other true crime
[53:30] We watched The Munsters so you don’t have to
[63:00] What else we watched! From the glorious twitter drama of Don’t Worry Darling to the beautiful meditation on grief that is The Night House.
[90:00] The answer to which deity Mark fabricated.

What we watched:

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