Ep. 66: Your dog’s got ghosts (and other tales from the internet)

Click here to listen everywhere! Every day folks post bananas stories about the world in our Facebook group. This week we delve a little further into some of the incredible things that have come across our group, from dog exorcisms to suicide pods. Highlights: [0:00] Mark shares some terrifying AI… art? [12:00] We explain whereContinue reading “Ep. 66: Your dog’s got ghosts (and other tales from the internet)”

Ep. 18: Dignity in death

We’re calling it: 2021 is the year of JoAG, and we’re kicking it off with a bang. This week we’re talking all things body modification, bodily autonomy, and euthanasia. https://jack-of-all-graves.castos.com/episodes/ep-18-autonomy-over-your-meat Timestamps: [0:00] Could we kill each other in a zombiepocalypse situation [07:00] We’re back! We jump in talking about the Cornetto trilogy and whether SimonContinue reading “Ep. 18: Dignity in death”