Ep. 75: Why don’t we kill god

Click here to listen everywhere! From a discussion of the time that Hawaiians ganked British explorer Captain James Cook, to trying to grapple with whether it makes any sense at all for a good god to allow horrific suffering to exist in the world, today on JoAG we’re in the business of destroying gods. Highlights:Continue reading “Ep. 75: Why don’t we kill god”

Ep. 41: Cursed Films

Click here to listen everywhere! Whether it’s fires on sets, cast member deaths, or IRA bombs, some movies just seem to draw catastrophe. Some people would even say they’re cursed. I mean, we wouldn’t, but some people would. Let’s chat about them. Highlights: [0:00] Mark tells CoRri about some nightmarish types of cysts [14:02] MarkContinue reading “Ep. 41: Cursed Films”