Ep. 65: Steve’s vast deferens

Click here to listen everywhere! In an epic Jack of All Graves/Dead and Lovely crossover event, Hollywood Steve is here to talk with us about his reproductive organs! Make sure you check out Dead & Lovely episode #242 to hear the three of us talk about the cannibal horror western “Ravenous.” Highlights: [0:00] Mark tellsContinue reading “Ep. 65: Steve’s vast deferens”

Ep. 23 – Benign anarchy (w/ Steve Spratling!)

Click here to listen everywhere! This week we’re #blessed to be joined by Dead & Lovely’s Hollywood Steve Spratling as we discuss the infamous Max Headroom signal interference incident and other acts of what Mark has dubbed “benign anarchy.” [0:00] The mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident is potentially solved in part by technology fromContinue reading “Ep. 23 – Benign anarchy (w/ Steve Spratling!)”