Ep. 46: Sick, sad world

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This week we’ve been sending news headlines back and forth to each other, so we thought we’d share some of the world’s weirdness with you.


[0:00] Mark loves Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

[11:00] A listener witnessed someone actually getting stuck in quicksand!

[18:00] We remind everyone we’re watching Fright Night (1985) over Discord Saturday, July 24th @8pm GMT, 3pm EST, 12pm PDT. Plus, CoRri watched Near Dark.

[22:00] We get into what we’ve watched this week. Mark even watched one of CoRri’s recs!

[34:30] Mark went and saw the new Purge movie, so we discuss what we’d do in a Purge society

[44:00] Just for fun, we blast through some stuff in the news that’s caught our attention this week, from garden shelters built from teeth to bed snakes to disembodied feet to Anthony Bourdain’s AI voice from beyond the grave

Stuff we referenced:

Stuff we watched:

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