Ep. 68: Technologies of murder

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We’re keeping it real festive this post-Christmas week with a deep dive into the circle of life, starting with a discussion of the ways in which evolution does wild things to keep organisms alive, and journeying on to a chat about how steadfastly committed humans are to ending other humans’ lives in creative ways.


[0:00] The wild spread of Omicron has Mark thinking about all the ways in which life finds an evolutionary way — from Inuit Ketosis to viral mutations.

[17:15] We talk about what the fuck is up with Kermit the Frog’s voice, our Christmas experiences

[29:20] We discuss what we watched this week, complete with a tangent on why weird looking actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Adam Driver are proof we should have more body diversity in Hollywood

[52:40] We opened by talking about how life finds a way, but we’re spending the rest of the episode talking about things people have created in order to kill other people.

Stuff we watched:

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