Ep. 67: Miracles is it lads

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This week we’re following up on a viewing assignment from last week with Silent Night, and we’re talking about whether or not miracles are all around us (after a cold open about whatever the exact opposite of a medical miracle is).


[0:00} CoRri tells Mark about the medical mystery of the Toxic Lady. Thanks to Ryan Joiner for the story tip!

[21:00] Mark wants jingle bells in our theme tune, we are in the liminal Christmas space and have all the anxiety… but watch CoRri’s Wisecrack writing debut about Hallmark Christmas movies! Plus, book club is coming after the holidays, and perhaps we’ll do a post-Christmas watch-along? Aaaand Omicron is even more of a buzzkill!

[38:00] We talk about what we’ve watched this week, CoRri’s nightmare Spider-Man viewing experience, and the potential repercussions of studios catering the content of films too much to the audience in order to get butts in seats.

[1hr] We get into a spoilery discussion of Silent Night, the movie we tasked our listeners with watching this week

[1hr15] We discuss some supposed modern miracles, what other explanations might exist, and whether we’re too wrapped up in scientism to allow that there might be some things science can’t explain

Things we referenced:

Things we watched:

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