Ep. 76: Coincidence is fair

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Jack of All Graves came about as a result of a super chance interaction on twitter a decade ago, a coincidence that blows CoRri’s mind and leads us into a discussion of some of the wild coincidences that have happened on and around our planet, from life-saving flight changes to multiple atomic bombing survivals.


[0:00] Mark tells CoRri the tale of the Kentucky Meat Shower of 1876
[12:44] This introduction is all over the place. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.
[24:40] The book club schedule is up, along with an amazing discount from our partner indie bookstore! Check out http://www,jackofallgraves.com/bookclub for all the info! Plus, we’ve recorded a special Snack of All Graves reacting to the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie which will be up on our YouTube and our Ko-Fi free to all!
[28:52] Somehow we’re watching Reign of Fire for our watch-along this weekend, which leads to a discussion of whether dragon movies inherently suck.
[38:42] What we watched!
[49:50] We discuss the crazy random happenstance of coincidences.

Stuff we referenced:

Stuff we watched:

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