Ep. 76: Coincidence is fair

Click here to listen everywhere! Jack of All Graves came about as a result of a super chance interaction on twitter a decade ago, a coincidence that blows CoRri’s mind and leads us into a discussion of some of the wild coincidences that have happened on and around our planet, from life-saving flight changes toContinue reading “Ep. 76: Coincidence is fair”

Ep. 67: Miracles is it lads

Click here to listen everywhere! This week we’re following up on a viewing assignment from last week with Silent Night, and we’re talking about whether or not miracles are all around us (after a cold open about whatever the exact opposite of a medical miracle is). Highlights: [0:00} CoRri tells Mark about the medical mysteryContinue reading “Ep. 67: Miracles is it lads”

Ep. 51: Hiking can be murder

Click here to listen everywhere! We’ve both been doing a lot of hiking lately, and given the kind of people we are, that obviously raises an important question: What are the various ways in which you can die while on a hike? Highlights: [0:00] CoRri tells Mark the story of the town that murdered aContinue reading “Ep. 51: Hiking can be murder”