Ep. 79: Ceci n’est pas une soul

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We’ve got a lot on our minds this week, from war and covid, to whether you’d still be you if your consciousness was uploaded to the cloud. Settle in and work through some of the complexities of being alive in 2022 with us.


[0:00] CoRri tells Mark about the utopian commune turned sex cult, upstate New York’s Oneida Community

[25:47] We talk about war, covid, and how quickly we get used to bizarre and unthinkable events

[39:50] We set our next watch-along! Shall we do a gore fest on March 26th? Also, book club is this weekend! Don’t miss it!

[48:00] BATMAN SPOILERS! Time to talk about what we’ve watched! We start with The Batman, so if you don’t want some minor spoilers, I’m popping a timestamp in here for when we move on!

[63:00] We’re done talking Batman! More on what we’ve watched

[85:00] CoRri can’t stop thinking about consciousness after watching season 2 of Upload, so she asks Mark a question about what makes us who we are, and if an uploaded version of our consciousness would still fundamentally be us.

Stuff we referenced:

Stuff we watched:

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