Ep. 78: You might be a cult member if…

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It might seem like in an age saturated with true crime podcasts and Netflix documentaries about cults, we’d all be way to canny to fall prey to them. In this episode, we talk about why we still get pulled into the seductive lure of cults, and how social media, especially wellness and mommy influencers, provide fertile algorithmic ground for cultish ideology.


[0:00] Mark tells CoRri about the unsolved murder of Artemus Ogletree

[15:10] We catch up a little, ponder on some potential weird episodes of JoAG, and have a little cultural exchange over the phrase “full of beans”

[25:50] We switch things up and THIS is where we talk about what we watched!

[55:00] It’s time to spin the wheel of justice and find out what Mark will be watching for his next video rant

[59:30] Mark provides a psychic reading to each of our ko-fi supporters

[72:12] It’s time to talk about cults

Stuff we referenced:

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