Ep. 81: Hacksville

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It’s been said that JoAG is like listening in on a conversation at the pub, and friends, that’s what this one is. We were gonna talk about zoonotic diseases, but instead we end up deep into a spiral about great directors who kinda suck now and why that happens. Join us. Eavesdrop. Sidle up to as at the bar and interject your thoughts.


[0:00] CoRri tells Mark about the dangers of the sleep medication Ambien

[24:00] We talk about our March mayhem, reflect on watching Piranha (1978), and discuss the next Marko’s Video Rants. Go submit your pick!

[33:00] We start walking about what we watch and just gooooo

[59:00] A conversation about Darkman spirals into a discussion about aging directors who’ve lost what made them great

Stuff we referenced:

Stuff we watched:

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