Ep. 82: Vital information for your everyday life

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We’re getting educational this week, JoAG fam! We’re delving into the history of Britain’s video nasties and we’re taking a journey through some fascinating facts of no importance to keep your water cooler conversations flowing and your Tinder dates awkward!


[0:00] Mark tells CoRri about Britain’s “video nasties” and why you could be in deep trouble for engaging with films from A Nightmare on Elm Street to Cannibal Holocaust for decades in the UK.

[28:40] We small talk about small talk and compare migraines

[42:45] The void is closed off to Mark this month, so here are 25 fun facts for our Ko-fi supporters, which actually end up blowing CoRri’s mind

[64:00] Time to spin the wheel of justice and find out Mark’s next video rant!

[67:30] What we watched! And played!

Stuff we watched:

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