Ep. 86: Use my body

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We’ve been on two curiosity kicks lately it seems: The ethics of human experimentation and how to make our corpses useful once our meat suits cease to house our consciousness. Get your fill of both topics in this episode as we discuss the child torment that gave us cognitive behavioral therapy, several ways to make sure your dead body gets a little extra mileage, and much more.


[0:00] Marks tells CoRri the sad story of Little Albert and his torment at the hands of unethical behavior psychology experimentation

[18:50] We shoot the breeze and recap our amazing Jason-centric watch-along!

[28:20] What we watched!

[56:00] We discuss helpful uses for your corpse!

[85:00] Mark has proverbs from around the world for our Ko-fi subscribers. Make sure you become a member so you, too, can get yours next month!

Stuff we referenced:

Stuff we watched:

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