Ep. 88: Cinephiles

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Once upon a time we thought Jack of All Graves was gonna be a horror movie podcast. It is not. But sometimes we just have to go all in on talking about the thing that brought us together. After a lil’ chat about being buried alive, we deep dive into the best and worst things about TV and movies, with much Sam Raimi celebration. Lots of timestamps here to tailor your experience.


[0:00] CoRri talks about being buried alive. Not personally. But the concept.

[18:19] Mark’s in a good headspace, CoRri’s anxious, but CoRri has some anxiety-reducing tips for those prone to procrastination

[25:20] We’re gonna stream the Evil Dead videogame! Watch us on our YouTube on Saturday, May 14th! 2-4pm GMT, 9am-1pm EST, and then again at 8pm GMT, 3pm EST!

[28:44] We’re talking about movies and TV this week. Time stamps coming for each discussion!

[31:39] Mark finished Ozark, so we talk about how shows are made now and the obnoxious tendency to split up seasons

[36:20] CoRri explains why true crime drama and docuseries are getting tiresome

[50:24] We watched some noir-esque movies, which has us talking about why we love that style so much — even though other people don’t seem to agree.

[62:30] CoRri watched a couple classics for the first time: Duel and Sleepaway Camp.

[69:00] The House That Jack Built helps CoRri put words to her feelings about sexual violence in movies that she couldn’t quite articulate last week

[81:41] It’s Dr. Strange time!

[84:30] Spoilers abound!

Stuff we referenced:

Stuff we watched:

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