Ep. 92: The fuck this movie spectrum

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It’s been two weeks since we’ve had a chat, so we’ve got a lot to say. Mark tells a horrifying cave story, the Void speaks some wisdom to our audience, and the movie Dashcam drives us to question where we draw our ethical lines in the films we choose to support. No spoilers, so you don’t have to have watched the movie to listen to the conversation!


[0:00] Mark tells CoRri a horrendously claustrophobic incident at the Nutty Putty Cave in Utah
[23:50] Mark’s back from Crete with bug bites on his ass!
[34:00] Book club is coming on June 18th, and a double-feature watch-along on June 25th!
[36:35] We spin the wheel of justice and Mark connects to the Void and gets some bad advice for our Ko-Fi supporters
[59:10] What we watched!
[84:40] We talk about the movie Dashcam and where we draw an ethical line in deciding what we’ll watch

Stuff we watched:

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