Ep. 131: [Travel edition!] Self-sacrifice

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This week’s travel edition of Jack of All Graves includes reflections on a Jack the Ripper tour, as well a trip to a memorial to heroic self-sacrifice in a tiny London Park, which has us thinking: Is there anything we would die for?


[0:00] Some key takeaways from a London Jack the Ripper tour
[22:18] It’s Easter, so we talk a bit about Jesus, obvi
[33:00] Mark went on holiday, CoRri wanders London with JoAG family
[44:00] What we watched! (Luther: The Fallen Sun, Resurrection, Dungeons & Dragons, Shazam 2, Beef, Army of Darkness)
[84:35] We talk about people who have sacrificed themselves for others and whether we’d do it

Stuff we referenced:

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