Ep. 5: Jack of All Recs

Part 1: https://jack-of-all-graves.castos.com/episodes/ep-5-jack-of-all-recs-pt-1
Part 2: https://jack-of-all-graves.castos.com/episodes/ep5-jack-of-all-recs-pt-deux

Spooky season is officially upon us, and here at JoAG, we think it’s important to send you into the most wonderful time of the year equipped with enough recommendations to keep the whole family bathed in horror all month long. In this two part episode, we delve into our top picks for everyone from the horror n00b to the seasoned horror head. 

Part One Highlights:

  • Mark opens up with some pleasant conversation about America’s botched death penalties
  • Corri has an unexpected return to her evangelical roots
  • We explain our novice, normal, and expert level recommendation system
  • We deep dive into our novice recs: Movies that aren’t necessarily FOR kids, but you could watch with your kids and not get them taken away from you. Great watches at any age.

Part Two Highlights:

  • We jump right into our normal level recs: movies for having a few “tins” and a laugh with some friends. Good natured jump scares and gross outs
  • We talk about the art of “dread” 
  • Mark comes up with more “cores” 
  • We discuss why we love old school Tim Burton and Spielberg films
  • We close out with our expert level recommendations: stuff you only watch if you’re ready for a bad time. Don’t assemble your friends to watch these if you want to keep them.

Don’t forget to listen to part 2 for normal and expert level recs! Then hit us up on twitter @jackofallgraves to tell us what you’re watching and yell at us about what we missed!

Ep. 4: The antics of Mr. Noseybonk

Link: https://jack-of-all-graves.castos.com/episodes/ep-4-the-antics-of-mr-noseybonk

We promised a lighthearted journey after last week’s heavy hitter, so this week we’re talking about the terrifying world of ’80s and ’90s children’s television!


  • Mark continues his obsession with head trauma by explaining the absolutely horrifying Capgras delusion
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark, Eerie, Indiana, and they heyday of disturbing kids’ tv
  • We unpack the WHY of our childhood tv phobias
  • Mark puts out a theory about the influence of Twin Peaks
  • Mr. Noseybonks turns out to be  far scarier than Corrigan could have aniticipated 
  • Corri teaches Mark about s’mores. 

Tell us all about the television that scarred you as a child on twitter @jackofallgraves! If you’re enjoying the show, we’d appreciate your ratings and reviews on your podcast app of choice, and we always love to hear from you on twitter! Thanks for sticking with us, spooky friends!

Ep. 3: The public suicide squad

Link: https://jack-of-all-graves.castos.com/episodes/ep-3-the-public-suicide-squad

This episode comes with a giant content warning: We’re talking about people who have ended their lives in extremely public fashions. We describe the circumstances and imagery involved in these stories in some detail. While we are not making light of these stories, if this kind of content is triggering to you in any way, we recommend steering clear. If you’re not currently seeing a therapist, check out the resources linked at the bottom of these notes for finding low cost mental healthcare. We think you’re worth keeping around, spooky friends.


  • Mark discusses the finer points of trepanation, the pseudoscience of drilling a hole in your skull
  • The reason for the episode: The Facebook Live streamed suicide of army veteran Ronnie McNutt goes viral on TikTok
  • We revisit the famous public suicides of R. Budd Dwyer and Christine Chubbuck, and the VHS vlog of Bjork stalker Ricardo L√≥pez
  • We recommend Random Acts of Violence [Shudder], The Siren [Shudder], and Antrum [Amazon Prime]

Resources for finding affordable therapy in the United States:

  • How to Find An Affordable Therapist – Vice – This has very good information about figuring out what TYPE of therapists you might need, along with ideas for finding an affordable one
  • Low Cost Treatment – Anxiety & Depression Association of America
  • Open Counseling – A directory where you can put in your zipcode to find free and low cost therapists in your area

Ep. 2: A rapture phobia

Link: https://jack-of-all-graves.castos.com/episodes/ep-2-a-rapture-phobia

Generations of evangelicals were terrified into letting Jesus save their souls after watching the 1972 Christian horror movie “A Thief in the Night.” In this episode, Corrigan makes Mark watch the film that launched a million rapture panic attacks, and Mark has A LOT of questions. 


  • We discuss the finer points of decapitation and consciousness
  • Mark tries to understand the Rapture 
  • Corri tells a real life horror story about a murder-suicide in an evangelical community
  • We talk about how kids raised on A Thief in the Night run the American dystopia
  • Corri recommends “Scream, Queen!” and “Color Out of Space.” Available on Shudder. 
  • Mark recommends “Head Count.” Available on Netflix in the U.S.

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Ep. 1: Mark sees a tokoloshe

It’s Jack of All Graves! A podcast where two very different folks from two different countries bond over our shared love of all things spooky, murdery, bloody, ghosty, and in any way horrific! In our first episode, get to know who we are, how we fell in love with the macabre, and what horror things get us all hot & bothered. 


  • Mark alienates himself from his South African colleagues by telling them he saw a notorious demon
  • Corrigan’s older brothers abandon in her in a cemetery… repeatedly
  • We question what the horror gateway drugs are for kids these days
  • Corrigan explains American evangelicalism and the Satanic panic to Mark
  • We discuss the power of belief (and lack thereof) 
  • We close out by finding Mark absolutely buried the lede on that tokoloshe story

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