Ep. 119: Poison!

Click here to listen everywhere! This week’s discussions range from people who have predicted the end of the world, to some bonkers poisoning incidents throughout the 20th century. The last one is… it’s wild, you guys. Highlights: [0:00] Marks tells CoRri about some failed doomsday prophecies and some upcoming ones[12:34] Mark looks into tattoo removal,Continue reading “Ep. 119: Poison!”

Ep. 31: How to maybe get away with murder

Click here to listen everywhere! You watch enough horror and true crime, you can’t help but start to wonder — could I commit the perfect crime? This week we discuss people who almost got away with murder, and how we’d do the dastardly deed. Hypothetically, of course. Highlights: [0:00] Mark talks about the shady CalicoContinue reading “Ep. 31: How to maybe get away with murder”