Ep. 82: Vital information for your everyday life

Click here to listen everywhere! We’re getting educational this week, JoAG fam! We’re delving into the history of Britain’s video nasties and we’re taking a journey through some fascinating facts of no importance to keep your water cooler conversations flowing and your Tinder dates awkward! Highlights: [0:00] Mark tells CoRri about Britain’s “video nasties” andContinue reading “Ep. 82: Vital information for your everyday life”

Ep. 81: Hacksville

Click here to listen everywhere! It’s been said that JoAG is like listening in on a conversation at the pub, and friends, that’s what this one is. We were gonna talk about zoonotic diseases, but instead we end up deep into a spiral about great directors who kinda suck now and why that happens. JoinContinue reading “Ep. 81: Hacksville”

Ep. 80: Meat cute

Click here to listen everywhere! We’ve got cannibalism on one end and nuclear neuroses on the other. Come with us for some JoAG therapy as we work through why Mark can’t stop thinking about mutually assured destruction. Highlights: [0:00] Mark tells CoRri about Japanese cannibal Issei Sagawa [14:50] Just shooting the shit, y’know? [28:30] WhatContinue reading “Ep. 80: Meat cute”

Ep. 79: Ceci n’est pas une soul

Click here to listen everywhere! We’ve got a lot on our minds this week, from war and covid, to whether you’d still be you if your consciousness was uploaded to the cloud. Settle in and work through some of the complexities of being alive in 2022 with us. Highlights: [0:00] CoRri tells Mark about theContinue reading “Ep. 79: Ceci n’est pas une soul”

Ep. 78: You might be a cult member if…

Click here to listen everywhere! It might seem like in an age saturated with true crime podcasts and Netflix documentaries about cults, we’d all be way to canny to fall prey to them. In this episode, we talk about why we still get pulled into the seductive lure of cults, and how social media, especiallyContinue reading “Ep. 78: You might be a cult member if…”

Ep. 77:

Click here to listen everywhere! This week Mark’s doctor gave him some pills to help him with his sleeping problem, which got him thinking about how lucky we are to live at a time when we can be prescribed a pill rather than experiencing some of the horrendous historical treatments for mental illness we discussContinue reading “Ep. 77:”

Ep. 76: Coincidence is fair

Click here to listen everywhere! Jack of All Graves came about as a result of a super chance interaction on twitter a decade ago, a coincidence that blows CoRri’s mind and leads us into a discussion of some of the wild coincidences that have happened on and around our planet, from life-saving flight changes toContinue reading “Ep. 76: Coincidence is fair”

Ep. 75: Why don’t we kill god

Click here to listen everywhere! From a discussion of the time that Hawaiians ganked British explorer Captain James Cook, to trying to grapple with whether it makes any sense at all for a good god to allow horrific suffering to exist in the world, today on JoAG we’re in the business of destroying gods. Highlights:Continue reading “Ep. 75: Why don’t we kill god”

Ep. 74: Jack of All Grave Mistakes

Click here to listen everywhere! Inspired by a story posted in our Facebook group, we decided to look into freak accidents where people’s bum luck got them into horrific situations — from a projectile bear through the windshield to an air hose up the rectum. Highlights: [0:00] Mark tells CoRri about the horrifying effects ofContinue reading “Ep. 74: Jack of All Grave Mistakes”

Ep. 73: The head trauma supersode!

Click here to listen everywhere! In a moment of drunken fixation, Mark pitched the idea of a full episode dedicated to his favorite subject: Head trauma! And more specifically, decapitation. It is bad things that can happen to noggins from start to finish, so buckle in and hold on to your heads! Highlights: [0:00] CoRriContinue reading “Ep. 73: The head trauma supersode!”